PRODUCT: Nihilo Concepts has developed a new product designed to help you get a better grip on your clutch and brake levers. Nihilo Concepts’ Lever Grip is a rubberized grippy material that shrinks to fit tightly over your levers when heat is applied. There are traction strips built into the shrink-wrap material that enhance the feel. It can be cut to the desired length with scissors, and then simply slides over the lever. When heat is applied with a heat gun, the Lever Grip shrinks down to create a tight fit that contours to the lever perfectly. The rubber material is very thin, so you do not feel a thicker lever, but one with a bit more grip. In wet and muddy conditions, you maintain control on a surface that can get slippery.

OUR TAKE: The Nihilo Grip tape requires about two minutes to install. Cut them the length you want, and using a heat gun, shoot them until they shrink tightly around the lever. We like them for two reasons: First, when it gets cold, standard levers hold their temperature and will transfer this cold hit to your fingers. For an off-roader, this can wear on you. The Nihilo Grip tape helps deflect the cold. Second, in wet conditions it wards off the cold and gives you a better feel since it offers grip that a wet glove and a slippery lever fight. The kit comes with two textured heat-shrink tubes and sells for $9.95. And yes, they get a thumbs up from the Dirt Bike staff. 


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