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New Nihilo Concepts 2013 KTM 85 Billet Head 
This year KTM went back to the drawing board and totally redesigned the 2013 KTM 85 SX. Included in the updates were a new cylinder and head, frame, plastics, and ergonomic changes that have made it the most sought after 85 in the industry. The new cylinder has larger water jackets, re-designed porting and a new head with built in head stay that attaches to the frame. The head stay increases rigidity and enhances the handling characteristics of the bike. The larger water jacket improves cooling and the new porting increases power by over 2hp.

Nihilo Concepts has developed a new High Performance billet

head kit that will bolt right on to the 2013 85cc cylinder and is designed to work with the new 2013 frame and head stay. The water inlet is also changed to work with the 2013 bike

After months of testing and development, Nihilo Concepts is proud to announce our new line of billet performance cylinder heads for the 2013 KTM 85SX’s!

Our billet heads include the head stay mounting bracket as well as an interchangeable combustion dome cut and shaped to our own race spec. They also include a redesigned and improved cooling jacket. These domes are different from the heads that come stock from KTM, both in shape and performance. You can even have a custom dome made to your specific specifications. Call the shop for more information. Available in KTM orange for that factory look. 
  • Interchangeable heads available
  • Increased cooling
  • Increased horsepower
  • OEM head stay mount
  • Also available for 105 cylinder 

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Part # Description Price
WMRBH105-O 2013 KTM 85 Billet Head for 105 kit $349.95
WMTBH85-O 2013 KTM 85 Billet Head $349.95

Please visit for more information on this and other Nihilo Concepts products.

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