Well folks, its Sunday morning and all is shaping up in the WORCS arena for great blastoff to the ’09 season. Here’s a smattering of news from Speed World.
• Team Valli showed up in force with their new Semi and riders Bobby Bonds, Kyle Summers, Bobby Garrison and Brian Garrison. Their machines are all Hondas, though BG is actually racing an ’08 CRF since he hasn’t had time to get acquainted with the new radical 09 model (word has it that the 09 moves around too much on him and he’s still not comfortable with the shoulder that received two surgeries to repair). Bondo looks strong, Summers quite smooth and Brian Garrison comfy on the new wagons.

• Team Green has Ricky Dietrich, Damon Huffman and Destry Abbott. Taylor Robert is injured (broken back we hear) but he’ll be back in saddle soon. All of the Green boys are loving life with the fuel injected KXF’s and RD told us that the new machine is better in every way!

• Team Suzuki is basically a two-man show with Nathan Woods heading the list and Jonathan Davis riding an RM-Z 450 in the Pro 2 class. Woods had a few issues during Saturday’s Pro practice, though is looking strong heading into Sunday’s main event. Rodney Smith is the Team’s West Coast Coordinator and raced in Saturday’s 30 A class. He dominated the action even at the ripe age of 44. Josh Strang has been training with Rodney in Nor Cal and hopped in the Industry Class race and came from the back row to pass every rider but 3 (that includes the 250 and 450A’s).

• Team KTM Justin Soule looked super strong in Saturday practice, Brownie very much controlled. Soule has been racing in So Cal and dominating the tracks in preparation for the WORCS kick-off.

• Team JCR has Tim Weigand and Kendall Norman on their new ’09 CRF 450’s. Their bikes look fast and Kendall was throwing out whips that were flat gnarly.

Other than that, the only grumblings we heard concerned the sound test. At the last moment it was upped from 95 db to 99 when the Kawa’s couldn’t pass. Every rider who put effort into quieting their machines down to qualify lost their smiles when the late ruling let the Green boys in.

Check in tomorrow for a full story on the event.

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