Newly concluded KTM spares-, and mechanics- service for Red Bull Romanaics Rallye 2009.

The big orange brother will be watching and assisting YOU right on site! With pride, we’ll be able to offer you the full support-package of the world’s leading Rallye bike manufacturer. Should you plan to enter the Red Bull Romaniacs Rallye on a KTM Enduro-bike built no later than 2008, here comes your ‘no-brainer’ deal!
In a cooperation between the world’s leading Rallye-Bike manufacturing brand – KTM – and the mastermind of the Red Bull Romaniacs Rallye – Martin Freinademetz – a unique and new support package could be set up:

Perfectly trained KTM Rallye mechanics will be there right on site in order to support and assist you in any mechanical issue you should face during the RBR Rallye.

Spares for any KTM -Bike built no later than make 2008 will be stored and available and can be purchased without any cash-involvement, all this to be dealt with after the race through your frien dly KTM dealer of choice and trust.

A highly professional, pimped KTM race truck with tents will be waiting for you, your bike and any of the service-customers in order to fresh all this up for the next stage of the Rallye.

So what services can a customer expect in detail? There will be competent KTM Rallye staff available from 1 hour before the start until 22:00 every day in the main paddock. Those great folks will be assisting you in rather easy tasks, such as changing levers, oil, mousses or filters, but they’re also ready to help out in rather sketchy issues, such as identifying and fixing engine-, and electricity bugs or changing brakeline-hoses as well as oil filters. After all, they’ll perform a final all-round-checkup on your bike every evening and make sure each and any skrew will be sitting tight and solid so that you can fully rely on it while clicking into 5th gear in flatout-mode during next day’s stage.

On top of that, a service vehicle, fitted with mechanics and basic spares, will be at each of the daily DS Ps (designated service points), where there will be 15 minutes of a daily break in order to refresh (wo-)man and machine during every stage of the Rallye. So even far out there, you’ll be not alone at all with this package! Those guys will even transport your personal stuff out to those DSPs in your box, on your behalf – every day and as a part of this deal.

For all this race service performances, available to all inscribed and paid-up participants of RBR 2009, we ask for an overall fee of no more than € 250 net VAT. Any possibly needed spares will come on top and will be accounted through your KTM dealer of choice after the race.

So if you’d like to become a part of the great orange family, please proceed and book this service until latest July 30, 2009 by filling out and sending in the attached form(s) in cooperation with your nearest KTM dealer of trust.
By the way: The Red Bull Romaniacs Rallye still offers available slots for this coming-up 2009 edition for all riders who’d like to face this challenge of a lifetime.
There are still some free starting-slots with-, or without accommodation packages in all classes, from pro-, to experts-, hobby-, and tourist-class (reaching from € 650 to € 1.480 per rider) still available, and even a budget-saving 50/50 payment model is being offered. Get your lo-down on all this and sign up now for Red Bull Romaniacs @ .
Please mind: This awesome Race-Service offered by the folks of KTM and Red Bull Romaniacs on above is not going to make you any faster on the Rallye-tracks, but it’ll make you way more professional and organized in the paddock. You’ll be a lot faster back in your hotel and/or at the hotel bar 😉 with a working, serviced bike waiting for the next stage in the paddock. Either way – and in any way: this will
Check out the form and additional info on below and make sure to be amongst the first in line.
Believe us: It’s worth it, as you’ll figure out latest in the paddock of Sibiu, when all your buddies will be catered like kings, while you might end up not even being allowed to enter the orange family’s service areas.




Race Service Order Form 09

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