New Xceldyne Valve Locks Are Intake and Exhaust Specific


Don’t suffer from the poor fitting, stamped steel locks that came with your bike. A first in the motocross industry, riders can now take advantage of advanced valve lock designs that are intake and exhaust valve specific. Diameters can differ between the intake and exhaust valve stems and will dramatically affect the way your locks fit. To address these differences, Xceldyne locks are designed to fit each valve size precisely. Stop relying on ‘universal’ lock sizing with variances that could cause poor fitment and performance.


With the higher RPM levels of today’s MX bikes, engine builders can now achieve a consistent spring height as they continuously fight to prevent valvetrain failure. Xceldyne valve locks are even color coded-blue for intake, red for exhaust-so mixing them up is a thing of the past. CNC-machined, Xceldyne’s steel valve locks or ‘cotters’ are made from heat-treated billet bar-stock, ensuring a precision fit for your valves. With a retail price of just over $10 per valve, you can lock down quality, dependability and insurance more affordably than ever. 


All new Xceldyne precision valve locks are available now, only from CV4. Available for all 250F and 450F Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, and Yamaha motocross-based engines.


42 High Tech Blvd.
Thomasville, NC 27360

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