New Products: BRP Rubber Mounted SUB ‘Scotts Under Bar’

Applications available for all 00-12 KTM 125 – 530cc and 09-12 Husaberg


The BRP Rubber Mounted SUB ‘Scotts Under Bar’  Adapter uses (8) Poly-Urethane bushings to isolate vibration and reduce rider fatigue by softening the harsh spike of hitting square edge rocks and obstacles.


Designed to mount a Scotts stabilizer below the handlebar using your OEM cast or billet triple clamp. The BRP Rubber Mounted SUB adapter mounts to the existing rear bar mount holes in the triple clamp and allows you to run in position 3 which is the most common and popular position


  • Offers an approximately 1′ taller bar position
  • Lower Bend Bars can be used to compensate for additional height.
  • SUB Mounting reduces the risk of bodily injury
  • Stabilizer is tucked away and protected from potential damage from a crash.

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