New Product : 2012 Pro Circuit Triple Clamps

 2012 Pro Circuit Triple Clamps are now available for select Kawasaki models! We upgraded last year’s design, and have implemented some must-have features that set the 2012 Pro Circuit Triple Clamps apart from the rest. 
The clear anodized finish gives the 2012 Pro Circuit Triple Clamps a works look, and creates a durable finish that helps retain the like-new luster. The legendary Pro Circuit Race Team currently uses the same design on its championship-winning machines. 
The 2012 Pro Circuit Triple Clamps incorporate a light and compact reversible bar mount that allows you to choose from one of four mounting positions, and gives you the ability to customize the ergonomics of your machine.
The 2012 Pro Circuit Triple Clamps can be purchased at your local dealer, or at Additional product specifications are included below. For additional information on this and other Pro Circuit products, please visit, or call 951-738-8050.
2012 Pro Circuit Triple Clamps
JUST RELEASED for select Kawasaki models
  • Made in the USA
  • Engraved with the iconic Pro Circuit logo on both the top and bottom clamp
  • Manufactured out of billet 6061 Aluminum
  • Triple Clamp offset has been altered on most models to improve handling
  • Bar mount is offset 5mm to allow for handlebar adjustment in either one of 2 different bar mount positions
  • Bar mount is reversible for a total range of 30mm of articulation
  • Available in Pro Circuit standard bar mount height – 1 1/8′
  • Bottom clamp includes pre-assembled steering stem and bearing
  • Kit includes: Clear anodized top clamp, clear anodized bottom clamp, black bar mount, Pro Circuit stickers for further customization
  • Retail Price: $699.95
Part # Description
39212253 PC Clamp Kit KXF250 ’06-12
22MM Offset (stock offset 22.5)
39212453 PC Clamp Kit KXF450 ’06-12
22MM Offset (stock offset 22.5)

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