Kawasaki just released several 2021 models including a new 300cc dual-sport and a 300cc supermoto built on the same platform. The official word from Kawasaki appears below.

The all-new 2021 Kawasaki KLX®300 motorcycle is designed to provide unlimited on- and off-road fun for riders of all skill levels. Staying true to its roots, the all-new KLX300 lightweight dual-sport motorcycle comes ready with all the tools necessary to deliver an exciting riding experience, taking on paved streets, back roads, wooded trails and beyond.
The new engine on the KLX300 features an easy to use powerband that provides unmatched rider comfort and delivers an exhilarating pull at higher revs. Fitted with a 21-inch front wheel, off-road tires and upgraded suspension, the KLX300 is equally at home navigating city traffic or traversing wooded trails.

• Powerful fuel-injected 292 cc liquid cooled four stroke engine
• Convenient electric start
• Dual-sport tuned long-travel suspension
• On-road dual-sport versatility


The new KLX300 dual-sport is powered by an enduro-inspired 292 cc liquid-cooled DOHC engine with a rewarding spread of power across the rev range. The engine features cam profiles sourced from the KLX®300R off-road model, an electrofusion cylinder and ultra-hard coating in the aluminum cylinder. The result is a crisp throttle response that complements the motorcycle’s rider-friendly low to mid-range and offers improved engine reliability. A lightweight piston, piston pin and connecting rod also contribute to power-producing revs.
The engine has low reciprocating weight thanks to the use of a cam lobe for each valve, with shim-under tappet arrangement, which also contributes to better efficiency during high RPM. With a bore and stroke of 78.0 x 61.2 mm, the engine boasts 292 cc. Rider comfort on longer trips is also increased in part to the engine’s low mounting point, which effectively lowers its center of gravity. A flat piston and pent-roof combustion chamber deliver a 11.1:1 compression ratio.
The fuel injection system contributes to reliable starting in a wide range of conditions and electric start makes firing up the KLX300 a breeze. Optimized ignition timing and a gear-driven engine balancer also contribute to a smooth engine with an easy to use power delivery, providing maximum rider comfort during long trips.
Several updates to the radiator deliver superior cooling efficiency, including the use of dual radiators and slimmer radiator sizing. An innovative radiator fan cover directs hot air down and away from the rider, significantly increasing comfort when stuck in heavy traffic or operating in warm riding conditions.
Gear ratios on the new KLX300 facilitate shifting for optimal performance off-road and on. The KLX300 features a honeycomb catalyzer and a secondary air system for clean emissions, along with a spark arrester.


The KLX300 features a box-and-tubular-section high-tensile steel perimeter frame that creates a slim, lightweight package, which offers maneuverability and excellent handling on- or off-road. A 26.7-degree caster angle and short wheelbase provide quick handling characteristics, while the high rigidity frame ensures a composed ride. The lightweight, highly rigid aluminum D-section swingarm also contributes to low unsprung weight.
The 43 mm inverted cartridge-style fork handles the suspension up front and comes with compression damping adjustability. A Uni-Trak® suspension can be found on the rear, which offers excellent road holding ability and bump absorption. A gas-charged shock with preload and rebound damping adjustments allows riders to tailor suspension settings to better suit different riding conditions.


Front and rear petal disc brakes on the KLX300 offer impressive stopping performance with a twin-piston caliper gripping a 250 mm disc up front and a single-piston caliper gripping the 240 mm disc in the rear.
The KLX300 comes fitted with a 21-inch front wheel and 18-inch rear wheel, for plenty of off-road possibilities. Excellent wheel rigidity contributes to light, smooth handling and offers outstanding durability.

The KLX300 dual-sport motorcycle receives a comfortable handlebar position that puts the rider in a relaxed and upright position to deliver an easy to control ride. Footpegs are also positioned closer to the bike’s centerline for an optimal riding position.
Complementing the new KLX300 adventure capabilities is a fine-tuned seat design for added comfort on longer rides and a 35.2-inch seat height for increased stability when stopped.

The KLX300 features modern off-road styling that is guaranteed to turn heads in the city and off the beaten path. The new sharp front cowl and headlight design give the motorcycle an aggressive touch. Its rugged design includes a mounted off-road style rear fender and sharp taillight that contributes to the motorcycle’s bold theme. Additionally, the KLX300 has a more orthodox, round-shaped mirror.
An all-digital instrument panel offers the rider valuable information at a glance. The instrument panel features a digital speedometer, bar-type tachometer, clock, dual trip meters, and a range of warning/indicator lamps.

A handful of Kawasaki Genuine Accessories (KGA) allow riders to personalize the rugged look of the KLX300 and offer added convenience. Rear carriers are designed to conveniently secure gear on the back of the motorcycle when it’s time to escape for a quick day trip or overnight adventure.
The accessory hand guards add an aggressive look while also blocking the wind from the rider’s hands. Handlebar pads are also available for an even stronger off-road look.

The 2021 KLX300 dual-sport is available in the Lime Green and the Fragment Camo Gray colorways.

$5,599 for Lime Green and $5,799 for Fragment Camo Gray


A supermoto version of the same bike will be available for $5999.

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