“So, I’ve got no qualms with taking a product off the market or just terminating its design and iterative process – if we believe that, that product is not safe and you wouldn’t put it on your child”
Dr Chris Leatt

The Leatt neck brace is a product, designed to reduce the risk of severe neck injuries. This episode of the Heritage Video Series illustrates the challenges of introducing a product into the market with no international safety standards and no prior testing or design data. Starting from scratch, Dr Chris Leatt and the biomedical engineers at Leatt managed to create a piece of personal safety equipment which has now been proven to reduce the risk of the severe neck injuries by up to 89%* (*EMS Action sports Study). Furthermore, this episode once and for all busts the reoccurring myth that neck braces are responsible for collarbone fractures. Find out why, straight from Dr Chris Leatt.

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