On this week’s Two-Stroke Tuesday when caught up with Charles from mXrevival’s to get an update on the Yamaha YZ250 THNDRCRAKR build. This machine features speciality coatings everywhere, custom parts and lots of elbow grease. You can actually enter win this machine scroll down to the bottom of this post for more information.

After much anticipation, our super trick suspension is back from AHM Factory Services.
Literally, not one stone was unturned when our 2006 YZF’s SSS donor fork and shock were reworked.
So not only have we upgraded this epic steel framed YZ’s suspenders with better units, but they’re now also fully DLC coated, rebuilt from the inside out, Cerakoted from end to end by Sano Metal Finishing, & finished off with fresh anodizing in gorgeous “RMZ Gold” – which is Charles from mXrevival’s favorite current suspension color.
Our Decepticon powerplant is also back at the shop. This engine hosts a VERY large roster of hop-up parts & companies and is as mean as they come.
THNDRCRAKR’s engine is an amalgamation of parts from Power Seal USA, Phathead Racing, Luxon MX, Sano Metal Finishing, and in-house zinc plating / vapor blasting by mXrevival. A masterful reassembly was performed by Haeseker Racing Engines and Bolt Motorcycle Hardware’s dished-head Engine Fasteners are the glue that hold this work of art together.
If the custom cylinder head, machined billet and laser etched covers aren’t enough for you – maybe the custom zinc, vapor blasting, Cerakoted cases or REM superfinished transmission will do the trick…
Up close and personal with THNDRCRAKR’s engine. The Phathead cylinder head went in for RMZ Gold anodizing with the suspension to ensure a perfect color match.
Setting this engine back into the classic YZ’s steel frame gets this build one step closer to lift off for one very lucky winner. We cannot wait to see who takes this bike build home when mXrevival’s YZ Build & Giveaway ends on April 1st, 2022.
Lectron Fuel Systems supplied one of their all-new “Billetron” carburetors for this build. The new Billetron has the torque of a perfectly jetted Keihin carb off the bottom- just without the jets. It’s a huge & welcome edition over last-gen Lectron’s and will have THNDRCRAKR’s afterburners surging in short order.
Too much good: Trick parts, custom coatings, SSS suspension, and more to come. The mXrevival slogan “Dream It ⚡ Build It” comes to mind as thoughts become things when you apply them.

No mXrevival bike build is complete without a hand made cone pipe from HYGGE (Hue-Guhh) Performance. You’ll notice a sneak peak of our DeCal Works graphics & that’s about all we’re willing to divulge until the final reveal. THNDRCRAKR will be unveiled on YouTube in just a few days via the mXrevival Channel.
To Learn More & Enter:
You can learn more about the THNDRCRAKR YZ250 Build & Giveaway by subscribing to the mXrevival YouTube Channel or by visiting
-We suggest you start with YouTube, since every single YZ build episode (usually weekly) hosts several MX Parts Giveaways, purely as a bonus & thanks to those who’s have entered via
-This week’s YouTube giveaway boasts a brand new HYGGE Performance cone pipe, a $100 No Toil shopping spree, and even a “comment giveaway” that could land you a brand new set of 3D printed brake line guides from 3DP Moto.
Only a few weeks remain, so donate today for your chance to win mXrevival’s THNDRCRAKR YZ250 Build. Your donation will help Road 2 Recovery provide aid to fallen MX heroes- as well as our dear friend and fellow bike builder, Cameron Niemela, in his second battle with Leukemia.
Thank you all so much for keeping this contest EPIC! 
Charles // mXrevival  

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