Here it is. After a year in the making, the collective Effort of Cobra Motorcycle and MX-TECH’s Jeremy Wilkey has come to fruition. The 2013 CARD 37mm A-Kit fork.


CARD 37mm A-Kit Fork
Key Advantages:
• Kashima Coated Upper fork tubes. (Coated in Japan) Increases lubricity for easier fork movement in high loads and less stiction.
• DLC coated lower fork tubes. Decreased stiction and improved durability.
• Spring Perch rides on special Teflon DU style thrust washer. Decreased friction and smoother fork action.
• Hard coated inner fork cartridge tube for decreased oil contamination and more consistent fork performance.
• Customized valve settings each rider.
The 2013 CARD A-Kit fork is the best front suspension available combing specially engineered parts, coatings and set-up. Engineered to help your rider achieve the highest level of performance, through greater comfort and control.


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