On this week’s Two-Stroke Tuesday brought to you by Decal Works we give you an inside look at our 1990 Honda CR500R project with images and words directly from Charles at MX Revival. We packed 2-Stroke Theater with four premix burning Honda project bikes that will put a smile on your face. If you like Honda two-strokes check out the exclusive link to our 2003 CR125R Dream Bike project with Motowhips at the bottom of this post.

I think it’s interesting how refinement, and refinement alone can make modern bikes so much better while being largely unchanged. I mean- you have a frame, typical fork and shock setup, wheels, two stroke engine & a carburetor be it 1990 or 2020. “ProjectPingKing” getting primed for complete resto-mod!”

The 500 jug is just massive! It’s funny because the bottom end resembles every bit of a 250cc bottom end, except this absolutely monstrous cylinder is perched on top of it. “ProjectPingKing’s” fully assembled power plant, just moments before surgery”

Once a two stroke, always a two stroke! With exception to power valves or lack thereof on the CR500, P.P.K. is no different than any other two stroke machine in terms of construction. And that’s exactly why we love them! Everything came apart without easily & without incident. “ProjectPingKing’s deconstructed power plant”

I was pretty shocked to see some of the damage inside of P.P.K. (Project Ping King) based off of it’s initial cleanliness & the fact that nearly every factory warning label was still in tact on it’s exterior. The cylinder had been re-sleved (not re-plated) & was now completely worn out again, with a piston full of deep gouges. The piston rings had been shaved down on the exhaust side and the dry-side crank shaft was mushroomed on it’s threads from a previous service. Maybe it was due to a transmission replacement as the cogs, shift forks & shift drum were in flawless condition. “ProjectPingKing was full of unexpected surprises.” 

After meeting up with the Dirt Bike Mag Crew,  I was stoked to get back from our annual Anaheim 1 trip & get these girls up in the air! Let’s get this CR party started. “ProjectGoldenGhost” and “ProjectPingKing” elevated on their new shop lift stands.” 

Don’t worry we will keep you up to date on both Honda two-stroke builds being done by the MX Revival crew!


If you like the Honda 2-Stroke featured on this week’s post check out the full story on this insane 2003 CR125 we teamed up with Justin at Motowhips to build. CLICK THE IMAGE BELOW FOR MORE!

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