The two moto winners in the Open class, Sean Collier and Andrew Politelli.
Sean Collier shook up Politelli when he went by, but didn’t make contact.
A later crash would take Politelli out of contention.
Colton Udall demonstrated he’s more than just a desert guy. He was fourth in a field of dedicated motocross riders.
Tyler Bereman went 5-3 for third in the Open class.
Collier was in the zone in moto 2.
Nobody leans it over farther than DB test rider Justin Jones. Udall passes ATV champion Beau Baron, who was on a CR500
Blake Savage went 1-2 in the 125 class to win the grand prize, which was a Husky 125.
Billy Laninovich give up the overall in the 125 class.
Bobby Garrison won the second 125 moto, but crashed in the first.
Sebastian Tortelli closes in on Andre Silverstein. Tortelli was third in moto one, but had bike issues the second time out. 
Gary Sutherlin rode DIRT BIKE’s 125 Husky to fourth overall.

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