Mount Morris, PA
Round 3 of 12
By John Basher

Sunday, May 25th marked a very special day not only for Ricky Carmichael, but also for the motocross world. At Mount Morris, Carmichael became the most winning rider in AMA motocross history, grabbing his 90th win all-time. It was last weekend at Hangtown when Ricky tied Jeremy McGrath on the all-time win list at 89 career wins. This weekend RC gave the competition a Hank Aaron homerun swing, taking impressive 1-1 moto wins, just like he had done all last season outdoors. Originally thought to be a wash out, High Point actually turned out to have relatively promising weather, making for a picture perfect day in the Carmichael camp.


So far this season, Kevin Windham has been the only rider capable of taking a moto win from Ricky Carmichael, doing so in the first moto of last weekend?s race at Hangtown. Knowing full well that he can beat Ricky, Windham has been keeping the pedal to the metal (or in this case, the throttle cable stretched) in hopes of stringing together two consecutive moto wins. On Sunday Kevin was close, so close in fact that both motos he could smell RC?s bikes exhaust. Windham would show a wheel, he and Ricky would trade the lead, but by moto end Ricky would pull away. On a positive note, Windham is the only rider that is currently able to keep Carmichael honest (RC and Kevin slingshot away from the rest of the 250 class after only a few laps). Kevin had to settle for two second place moto finishes and a second overall at High Point, but there will be other days for Windham to win.


Behind Ricky and Kevin, everyone else was a step behind. Yamaha teammates Tim Ferry and Chad Reed had a good battle going throughout each race, but could only see the #4 and #14 Hondas in the distance. Ferry thumped by Reed the second moto en route to third overall with 4-3 finishes (beating Reed?s 3-4 finishes). Another Yamaha rider, David Vuillemin, took 5-5 moto finishes for fifth overall, making a step in the right direction after a mediocre start in the Nationals.


Mike Brown won at Glen Helen. Ryan Hughes won at Hangtown. Who was going to win at High Point? Grant Langston could have, but he bruised his wrist in practice, making it hard for him to even hold on to the bike. It was evident that a showdown would occur between Brown and Hughes, just like it had last weekend. In moto one, Brown grabbed the lead with Hughes and Eric Sorby in tow. As the race reached the midway point, Brown and Hughes had checked out from the rest of the field, but were neck and neck. It was around that time that Mike Brown sucked up banners in his wheel and dropped off the pace. Ryan Hughes saw the opportunity and lashed at it, taking the moto win. In the second moto it was the same story, with Hughes and Brown leading the rest of the 125 field around the High Point track. Mike Brown had fire in his eyes, as he was reeling off the fastest 125 lap times of the day. He would slice, dice, and blow up turns with no remorse, and quickly found himself in the lead. But Hughes was not about to roll over, as he stuck like glue to the Kawasaki bike. In the end, however, the glue must have become unattached to Brown, as Brown stormed off to the moto win and overall. Ryan Hughes finished second with 1-2 moto finishes, and Eric Sorby took third with 3-3 moto finishes. Grant Langston endured the pain in his wrist, and took fourth overall, with Ivan Tedesco rounding out the top five. The Nationals take a week off break before heading to the sand of Southwick, where James Stewart should be able to race.

1. Ricky Carmichael…Hon…1-1
2. Kevin Windham…Hon…2-2
3. Tim Ferry…Yam…4-3
4. Chad Reed…Yam…3-4
5. David Vuillemin…Yam…5-5
6. Mike LaRocco…Hon…7-6
7. Sean Hamblin…Suz…6-7
8. Ezra Lusk…Kaw…10-8
9. Ernesto Fonseca…Hon…8-10
10. Nic Wey…Yam…11-11

1. Ricky Carmichael…147
2. Chad Reed…120
3. Tim Ferry…114
4. Kevin Windham…113
5. Mike LaRocco…90
6. Ezra Lusk…78
7. Larry Ward…67
8. Sean Hamblin…66
9. David Vuillemin…64
10. Ernesto Fonseco…51

125 RESULTS   
1. Mike Brown…Kaw…2-1
2. Ryan Hughes…KTM…1-2
3. Eric Sorby…Kaw…3-3
4. Grant Langston…KTM…4-4
5. Ivan Tedesco…Yam…7-5
6. Michael Byrne…Hon…5-7
7. Michael Brandes…Yam…6-10
8. Stephane Roncada…Suz…8-9
9. Craig Anderson…Yam…9-11
10. Chris Gosselaar…Hon…13-8

1. Mike Brown…136
2. Ryan Hughes…135
3. Eric Sorby…116
4. Grant Langston…112
5. Ivan Tedesco…72
6. Brett Metcalfe…71
7. Michael Brandes…69
8. Brock Sellards…65
9. Chris Gosselaar…63
10. Steve Boniface…57


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