PRODUCT: Mr. Wolf’s Mousse Balls are a new take on mousse tire inserts for off-road riding. Their nontraditional approach sees a box of mousse-like material in multiple pieces. They come in a box of two, one for your front tire and one for your rear. The idea behind the Mousse Balls is to allow a customizable feel for different types of terrain.

OUR TAKE: When installing the Mr. Wolf Mousse Balls for the first time, it can seem like more work than the traditional routine of removing, lubing and mounting. You have to carefully follow directions to ensure you’re correctly installing them piece by piece and the balls are facing the right direction. After lubing, correctly placing and prepping for mounting, the balls look like a traditional mousse. Mounting the tire was a straightforward task; the balls didn’t slip away and stay firmly in the tire, making it an easy mount. If you are unfamiliar with mounting a traditional mousse, it will be a challenge. A tire-mounting platform or a Rabaconda will make it much easier. What sets Mousse Balls apart from other inserts is the fact that you can place them in very loosely or very tightly to simulate the results of high or low tire pressure. If they are too loose, however, you might not be able to seat the tire to the rim properly when you’re done. We used our Mousse Balls to stuff our Dunlop MX33 tires front and rear fairly tightly and were ready for the trail. The initial feel was like any other mousse—very grounded and stable, and an almost dead feeling while hitting sharp edges, rocks, and rain ruts. We noticed that both tires had more grip while riding the tighter and rougher terrain, giving the impression that this product is excellent for trail use. While at high speeds, it offers excellent characteristics of an overall soft feel with plushness throughout. The durability has also been impressive; we haven’t seen a flaw quite yet with about 10 hours of use. The only downfall is having to remove all the balls one by one to re-stuff the new tires and mount them. We can live with that.
PRICE: $189.99 per tire

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