Dear Mr. Know-It-All,

When I lift my Beta Evo trials bike onto the stand, I feel a bit of play somewhere in the rear end. I’ve checked all the fasteners, but there is still something loose. I don’t want to risk cracking anything. What can I do to eliminate this?
Bob Grode
via [email protected]

Sometimes you must be smarter than the inanimate object that is baffling you. I firmly believe that you have a bad bearing in the rear shock linkage. With the bike on a stand, have somebody wiggle the swingarm up and down while you crawl under the bike and observe the linkage for movement. Plan on replacing all the bearings while you have the linkage off the scoot. Linkage bearings are small, and most of the time you can use a set of properly sized sockets and a vise to press them out and back in. Find a socket matching the outer diameter of the bearing for the driver side and a large-enough socket to support the linkage on the opposite side for the bearing to drive into. Use the same method to drive the new bearing in.

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