Dear Mr. Know-It-All,
Here’s a question that I’m certain won’t tax your substantial intellect. I have an older Montgomery Ward’s Mojave, and I’d like to switch from a right-side shift to a left-side shift. Also, does FMF make a pipe that will give it more hit? I’m having trouble with some of the doubles at my track.
Thanks, most esteemed guru of all moto.
Mike Clavelli
via [email protected]

Dear Mr. Clavelli, you no doubt have a deep history with the sport of motocross and the machines that helped shaped its integrity. For the life of me, I can’t ascertain why you would want to switch the shifting planes on the machine. The Mojave’s right-side gear shifter has the preferred long-throw, made famous by the CZ brand. Also, the machine makes power that is pure music. It is slow-revving with a soft-top pull so that the rear tire won’t break loose during acceleration. I checked with FMF on the pipe, and, due to demand, they are on backorder. You really should have known. 

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