Dear Mr. Know-It-All,

I have a 2019 KTM 300 TPI machine and just spent the last hour and a half fitting a set of Renthal Twin Walls on my bike…only to discover there’s not enough room on the handlebars to fit the throttle, front brake perch, clutch perch, electric-start button, kill button and the map selector for the ECU. What a pain; are you kidding me?!
I’m leaving my name out. I know the “Wolfster” and am quite embarrassed by this whole bit of drama.
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You should feel humiliated! The big issue here is that the Renthal Twin Wall loses available real estate because of the taper joint and the fact that it has a cross bar, which also requires mounts that take up space. It requires a tiny bit of evaluation and planning, but it is doable. The map selector must get mounted onto the cross bar, which requires a slight modification to the pad. This opens up the neighborhood just enough to fit the switch. Naturally, the selector mount will be too large, so you will have to wrap the crossbar with tubing that will bring the size up to 7/8 inches. Use your noggin. There is always unused real estate, like the bar pad, which is perfect for fitting in a small slot screwdriver for making quick suspension clicker changes, and you can slip five or six zip-ties under the cover. They are also superb for quick trail fixes.

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