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I’m an old guy (60-plus years old) and still am an avid rider. I ride a 2016 Husky FE350. I’m religious with the maintenance of the machine. My question relates to air filters. Several years ago, I started using No Toil cleaner and oils, as I thought the solvents were causing the seams to come apart where they are glued together. I have the same problem with the filters using No Toil. I have tried Twin Air’s Uni Filters and all the other filters, and they all do the same thing after just three to four washes. Your help would be greatly appreciated.
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I welcome the chance to help in your quest, reader Paul. We have used No Toil quite a bit as well. It is nice to have a filter and filter oil that are water washable. No Toil does use a solvent as a carrier to make the oil spread through the foam easily. It is a water-soluble solvent but can still affect some glues. No Toil makes a No Toil-brand filter element. I would try one before moving onto a different brand. Make sure that you are kneading the oil into the foam. Squeeze out the excess. Don’t wring or twist the filter element. When using No Toil, we clean the filter right after use but do not oil the cleaned filter until we are ready to ride. Some filter elements don’t react well to sitting for long periods with the No Toil filter oil in the foam.

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