Dear Mr. Know-It-All,
I have a 2019 Beta 390 RR/S. The bike is completely stock and has about 10 hours on it now. I notice in the service manual that the bike has plastic oil-pump gears. Beta recommends that these be replaced every 100 hours. I do not want to have to worry about these being a possible issue, as well as having to pull the clutch side of the bike apart every 100 hours. Any opinion on the reliability of these or options for replacement ones?

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The Beta four-strokes do indeed have plastic oil pump gears, and you are correct on the recommended replacement interval. I have yet to see failure within that time frame, but I agree that you should protect your investment with proper maintenance. Beta USA and Beta Boano offer steel oil pump gears for your machine. They are fairly simple and straightforward to install, and you will then have peace of mind that your bike will be able to go over 100 hours without them failing. 

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