Dear Mr. Know-It-All,
I have a 2020 Beta 300RR. I recently noticed after my last ride that there was a bit of oil seeping from behind my countershaft sprocket. I confirmed that it wasn’t excess chain lube and was indeed transmission oil. I’ve never changed one of these seals. Can they be removed from the outside of the bike?
Jeff Condrake
via [email protected]

Fear not about your leaking countershaft seal, as it is a very common issue for the dirt bike crowd. It doesn’t take much for a seal to start leaking. If you ride in a lot of mud or tall grass, it can pack in between the sprocket and the seal and tear it. The seal can be removed externally; although, if you haven’t changed one before, it would be best to find somebody who has, because the seals are pressed in very tightly and you don’t want to do any damage if you accidentally slip and hit the case trying to dig it out. There are a few different methods of removal, but we use a medium-sized flat-blade screwdriver with good leverage under the lip of the seal and work the old seal out—carefully! Sometimes a small amount of heat around the old seal helps as well. You can usually find a large socket the size of the new seal to drive it back in. Just make sure the sprocket cavity on the bike is plenty clean. If you’re stressed out about it, your local Beta dealership can most certainly help you.

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