Dear Mr. Know-It-All,
My left-side axle block keeps coming loose on my 2021 Beta 250RR Race Edition and is also doing so on my buddy’s 300RR. I see it’s threaded but am worried, as it’s egg-shaped now from being loose and I don’t want to strip it. Any thoughts?
Jeff Monatt
via [email protected]

I spent a considerable amount of time working on a suitable ornery retort until I realized that this same exact issue caused trouble on a good friend’s machine. So, here’s a succinct fix. You should indeed be able to unthread that piece from the axle and check for damage. If it comes off smoothly, the threads shouldn’t be spoiled, and I’d recommend a healthy helping of blue Loctite upon installation. You can use your axle nut on the opposite end to tighten down the axle into the block.

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