On this week’s Two-Stroke Tuesday we give you an exclusive first look at Justin Myerson and the Motowhips crews latest creation, “KRYPTONITE” . Just like all the build we feature from Motowhips this KX125 has things we have never seen before! Enjoy the Motowhips build and if you have a little more time on your hands check out another Kawasaki two-stroke build we did with Kevin Bailey from Race Winning Brands, exclusive link at the bottom of this post to that 327cc fire breathing beast.

Besides lots of elbow grease from Motowhips the “Kryptonite” KX125 build was made possible by companies like Pro Circuit, Dunlop, Motostuff, Faster USA, CMT carbon Fiber, Hinson Racing, Renthal, Xtrig , Mettec Titanium and the build was topped off by a custom graphics kit from Decal Works.

Bolt-on performance items, special coatings, factory parts, carbon fiber, titanium and a huge amount of elbow grease. “KRYPTONITE” is a very appropriate name for the KX125 build, it makes our knees weak just looking at it.

Coatings galore ! Motowhips can do about just about any color Cerakote or Ceramic coating you can think of and it’s all done in house. The hubs are billet aluminum models from Faster USA with a cream colored finish to match the  Xtrig Triple Clamps with the same color coating.

We say it over and over again and this image confirms it. Attention to detail is what Motowhips is all about! That cylinder and those cases are brushed by hand then add some carbon fiber pieces and titanium hardware to hold it all together. Sounds like a recipe for success .

The Pro Circuit Ti-2 Shorty is already eye candy but leave it to Motowhips for that next level treatment by polishing the titanium end-cap.

Don’t worry this is the first time we are showing this build and we will be sharing all the details in an upcoming issue of our printed magazine and eventually right here on the website. If you would like more information about Justin Myerson and Motowhips click here.


Working on “project bikes,” as they’re commonly called, never gets old. Some projects start with new bikes and some are Craigslist finds, but this bike has a unique story behind it. Kevin Bailey from Race Winning Brands takes us through this KX327 rebirth in his own words. CLICK THE IMAGE BELOW FOR THE COMPLETE STORY!


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