MotoVentures Now Offers Training Tours at Ocotillo Wells

San Bernardino, CA — MotoVentures proudly announces their Training Tours are now available on select weekends at Ocotillo Wells State Vehicular Recreational Area (SVRA) in Southern California. MotoVentures 2008 Training Tour dates are: April 29 & 30, May 3 & 4, June 7 & 8, October 25 & 26, November 15 & 16, and December 6 & 7.
MotoVentures Training Tours are the ultimate combination of dirt bike rider training, overnight camping, and touring a vast and beautiful desert area for fun family-oriented, motorcycle skill-building adventures that everyone can enjoy. Day one participants will learn to ride or take their existing skills to the next level in an all-natural terrain environment. That night everyone can camp together in the great outdoors, or stay in nearby hotels, and enjoy dinner while reminiscing about that day’s events. On day two participants will continue training while utilizing what they learned the first day by trail riding on many appropriate routes the area has for each skill level.
“This fun new option is for our training course graduates who want to immediately utilize their newfound skills to go on a long ride somewhere. When we approached Ocotillo Wells their Rangers thoroughly researched our background and qualifications before granting us permission to operate in their park. They welcome our professional approach to training and emphasis on safe and responsible off road riding.” Gary LaPlante, MotoVentures President.
Ocotillo Wells SVRA is conveniently located in the heart of Southern California, only one hour from San Diego and approximately 2.5 hours from OC/LA. Ocotillo Wells charges no fees, is open to the public 24/7, and encompasses over 70,000 acres making it the largest SVRA in California. The park features staging areas with shaded cabanas, restrooms, showers, and waste disposal. For eons the wind, rain, and floods have shaped the landscape creating beautiful sand washes, dirt hills, and sand dunes… fun and challenging terrain for riders to test their skills on. Ocotillo Wells Training Tour participants can visit area landmarks with colorful names like Devils Slide, Blow Sand Hill, Barrel Springs, Shell Reef, Gas Domes, Artesian Well, Pumpkin Patch, and the famous Borrego Badlands where many freestyle motocross videos have been filmed.
MotoVentures offers training and trials almost every week at their Rider Training Center located at Glen Helen Raceway in San Bernardino, with dual sport tours available in the American Southwest throughout the year. For more information go to

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