We have been following the situation at Ural motorcycles for months now. Production at the company’s factory in Irbit, Russia was interrupted by the events following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. If Ural was to stay in business, it was clear that  the factory would be forced to move out of Russia. Now, a new factory in Kazakhstan is nearing completion. This is the latest info from Ural:

The Ural Gear Up can trace its roots back to World War II.

Dear Friends,

We are excited to share with your the latest operations update. The process of setting up our new assembly facility is very near completion (!) We are now in the last phase of the set up: bringing in the necessary pieces of assembly equipment and filling warehouse shelves with parts and components.

We’re moving some old (refurbished) assembly fixtures from Irbit, however most of the equipment, hand tools, work benches, test stands, compressors, quality control “tunnel” and other pieces are brand new.

The trial shipment of spare parts has successfully made its way from Kazakhstan to IMWA in Redmond (Washington). Factory is now putting together two large air shipments to fulfill backorders and warranties, and also gearing up to restore “normal” way of supplying parts to our distributors with the shipments of bikes.

We received the first two shipments of production parts from our Asian suppliers in Petropavlovsk last week. There are more production parts on their way to Kazakhstan from other Asian suppliers, as well as from Europe. We’re very close to completely restoring all incoming logistics.

Most importantly: the first truck with motorcycle assembly sets has arrived at IMZ-Kazakhstan from Irbit. We’re expecting the second shipment from Irbit to arrive in Kazakhstan next week. The team of workers from Irbit is going to Petropavlovsk to assist with the assembly of the first shipments of bikes in the next few days.

If everything goes well, we expect the first shipment of bikes from our new assembly shop to depart around July 25th. It will be heading to the US with ETA sometime early to mid-September. Following production orders are booked for Japan, Australia and Europe.

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We thank you for being there for us, stay tuned for more developments!

Ride safe and be well!

The Team at Ural

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