For this week’s Two-Stroke Tuesday we are in Idaho to give you the first look at our 1996 KX250 2-Stroke that we teamed up with Pete Treadwell from WPS/Fly Racing and Moto One Of Boise to build. We gotta thank the entire staff at Western Powersports for making our “Working Man” project come to life. We packed 2-Stroke Theater with 10 must see Kawasaki two-stroke videos from our mad video scientist Travis Fant and there is an exclusive link to the notorious KDX500 we tested.

This project is all about building a bike that the average working man could afford to purchase, build and maintain without going into the poorhouse. We teamed up with Western Powersports for the products and Moto One Of Boise Idaho did most of the heavy lifting when it came to turning wrenches.

Fire Power is the WPS house brand for hard parts, their gold chain was used on this build along with a Stealth SuperSprox hybrid rear sprocket.

Yes IMS still makes an oversize tank for this 20-plus year old machine. We had to special order the part but it only took a few weeks and it’s definitely better than taking a gamble on Ebay parts. SDG refurbished the seat and Fusion handled the custom graphics kit.

Fuel Star is another new company making fuel petcock kits for older two and four-stroke models. Each kit comes complete with hoses, fuel filters and gaskets ready to instal.

The engine was completely rebuilt by the crew at Moto-One using a kit from Wrench Rabbit that includes a complete crank, top-end and all the gaskets and seals needed.

We added some aftermarket items from FMF and Boyesen to improve overall performance while added a little bling factor as well.

As you can see we didn’t go overboard with this project like we have a tendency of doing. Our KX250 still looks good, runs great and we still have enough money left over to go riding. Sounds like a successful project to us.


If you like the Kawasaki two-stroke project featured on this week’s Two-Stroke Tuesday you don’t want to miss our KDX500 build! Click the image below for more.


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