There are so many ways you can get more from your passion for dirt bike racing. Yes, there is actually owning a bike and getting out and about. On top of that, though, you could attend live events, read some great books on the subject, bet on dirt bike races, or expand your dirt bike racing knowledge on YouTube.

Watching online and television coverage of dirt bike racing is a great experience. Relax in your favorite chair with a refreshing drink and follow all the action. However, nothing beats going to an actual live event. Just imagine watching all the great racing up close. You will have the time of your life cheering on your favorite dirt bike racers. There is also the chance of meeting other fans of this great sport, with whom you can share your views on who is going to win.

If you thought watching was cool, why not splash out and buy your own bike? You can find lots of information on this site about the top bikes to purchase. We also outline the best bikes due out next year. Nothing beats the thrill of owning and riding a dirt bike. Who knows, you might even become good enough to take part in dirt bike racing events yourself?

Another way to enjoy the racing action is to have a small wager on the result. Sportsbooks do not only specialize in mainstream sports like soccer, American football, and basketball; they aim to cover more minor sports, too, including offering odds on motocross when top events are held.

There are plenty of online sportsbooks, but you should do some research before joining one and looking for the best dirt bike bets. Access websites that offer advice on good sportsbooks and produce informative reviews about them. This includes details about how trustworthy they are, welcome offers, and other promotions and how many betting opportunities the site provides.

If you are not out and about riding your dirt bike, watching an event, or betting on one, why not read a book about the sport? You can learn so much from these books, whether they be about great racing personalities of the past, details of dirt bikes and how to look after them, or autobiographies written by top racers.

For example, there’s the book A Day at the Track by Kelly Noll. The book is aimed at younger readers, showing them just how exciting a day at a motocross track can be. Even more informative is the ABC of Motocross, which is packed with fascinating facts and some great photographs.

Also recommended is Motocross: Heart of a Racer by Kent Walker. The book tells you just what it is like to be a sponsored motocross professional. As you might expect, there are plenty of highs and lows along the way.

One of the great things about YouTube is that you never know what you might find. New videos are added all the time, and for fans of dirt bike racing, there is plenty to keep you entertained. Just typing in ‘motocross’ in the search engine will give you a vast library of video content. There’s everything from nearly 45 minutes of highlights from the 2019 Pro Motocross 450 class season to the top 60 unsuccessful jumps and falls on a motorcycle.

You can also see the full movie Winners Take All plus 2020 Motocross highlights, so head over to YouTube and enjoy the videos.

Finally, there are so many podcasts out there that discuss dirt bike racing. They can be humorous, informative, and above all, entertaining. If you love this sport, then listening to others talk about it will add to your enjoyment.

Highly recommended is the weekly Pit Pass Moto podcast. Then there’s Motoxpod, which has been broadcasting since 2016 with ten podcasts a month. The Direct Motocross podcast has daily episodes for you to listen to, and there are plenty more online.

It’s clear then that fans of dirt bike racing have a great deal to keep them occupied. Whether it’s owning your own bike (be sure to keep it safe from thieves), listening to podcasts, watching videos, reading books, or going to and betting on live events, there’s so much you can do.

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