Win, Win, Win.

It is all David Knight seems to know how to do! And Moose Racing has grabbed this perfectionist by the handlebars! That?s right ladies and gentlemen, Moose Racing is more than excited to announce that David Knight has signed on for sponsorship in 2007!

Let?s pause for a moment to take in these words?World Enduro Champion?that literally means that no one in the WORLD is a better Enduro racer than David Knight. He has taken racing to perfection. He has shown the world that #2 is not enough.

No course, no amount of time, no foreign land is too much for this man. He embodies what Moose Racing stands for: no limits, perfection, drive & unfounded quality time and time again. He delivers the results that emanate hard work, focus, and determination. These are the traits that make him ideal for Team Moose Racing!

Born and raised on the Isle of Man, Knight has been racing since the age of 4. He mastered his skills at a young age on the breathtaking Manx hills. Over the years he has taken his talents to victory on the terrain of Italy, France, Slovkia, & the USA. (To name only a few). In 2007, Knight will be racing in the USA for Moose Racing at the GNCC series and all of the Red Bull off-road events.

What more could this man possibly do on the track?! Moose Racing and the rest of the world can?t wait to find out!


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