PRODUCT: The Moose Racing Fender Mount Tool Pack is a compact, folding pack that is 10 inches long, 7 inches wide and 2 inches tall. Once unfolded, the pack displays a myriad of compartments to hold wrenches, mini T-handles, spare parts and personal items that need to stay dry. It’s made from tough 500D tarpaulin material and has compression straps, plus hook-and-loop closures, to keep things tight. It also has two quick-release straps that hold it together and release quickly when you want access.

OUR TAKE: Carrying an overloaded fanny pack or a large, maxed-out hydration system with tools and spares can have an adverse effect on your trail ride. We’re into spreading the load so that no one area is heavy to the point of being distracting and painful. The Moose Fender Mount Tool Pack can carry a huge assortment of tools, but since we installed it on our KTM 300, which has no real fender bracing to help it accept a large payload, we fit it with about a third of the tools and spares that go on a ride. We divided the other two-thirds between a fanny pack and a shoulder hydration pack. We bolted the pack to the fender very securely since we didn’t want our rear fender to start flapping and break off. With our body-mounted packs lightened, our ride was improved. We get immediate access to the Moose Racing Tool Pack by popping the buckles and unfolding the pack. It’s simple; it’s sano, and it works perfectly for our needs.

PRICE: $40.95


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