Austin Erickson exposes three popular items from Moose Racing’s hard parts division that you probably never knew existed and will probably want.

MOOSE RACING OEM REPLACEMENT LEVERS: Moose Racing introduces their all-new forged OEM replacement levers. Built with quality forged aluminum featuring a bronze bushing at the pivot for improved durability. Replacement is made easy, as each lever is capable with OEM and Moose Racing perches. Available in multiple fitments and colors in standard length with a price starting at $5.95.

MOOSE RACING LIFT STAND: Easily lift your motorcycle up on the stand thanks to the new steel lift stands from Moose Racing. The black polished powdercoating offers a clean look and is built from a heavy-duty steel construction. The stand incorporates a stable large top-deck platform to lift both wheels off the ground for easy maintenance. The Moose Racing stands are also fitted with adjustable legs to keep a stable working platform, and a lift handle that utilizes a roller bearing for smooth action are also incorporated into the design. Suggested retail price is $69.95.

MOOSE RACING KTM 50 CYLINDER: Moose Racing’s KTM 50SX Mini two-stroke cylinder is a cost-effective way to replace your damaged or worn OEM cylinder. Made from cast aluminum, it features nickel-silicon carbide plating internally and is precision-machined and honed to match OEM stock bore sizes. Made in the USA with a retail price of $289.95.

For more on the complete line of Moose Racing products, check out or your local dealer.

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