Monster Energy’s Capes set to go all ‘Evel Knievel’ with a retro ramp-to-ramp jump for the record


 World motorcycle jumping distance King Ryan Capes builds a scaffolding ramp suitable for a ‘Stones concert and goes after Jason Rennie’s 253-foot record

  CORONA, Calif., (Sept. 11, 2009) – While these mega ramp-to-dirt mountain jumps approaching 400-feet are definitely bananas, Monster Energy’s Ryan Capes is turning the motorcycle distance jumping hands of time back to the days of Evel Knievel with a record-breaking – and considerably more technical – ramp-to-ramp jump attempt scheduled for Sept. 26th at Reno’s (Nevada) Grand Sierra Resort and Casino.

 The marquee attraction for the launch of the Grand Sierra’s new Extreme Sports Bar, Capes’ world record attempt – dubbed “All In” – will feature the most massive aluminum, steel and plywood scaffold structure landing ramp ever created, says Capes – a landing structure that will revolutionize the sport of distance jumping.

 “Wait until you see this thing. It’s bigger than anything the Rolling Stones ever built!,” exclaimed Capes. “We’re going after Jason Rennie’s ramp-to-ramp mark of 253 feet he set about ten years ago in the UK and, if all goes well, I hope to break the 300 foot ramp-to-ramp barrier at the Grand Sierra, much like I did jumping to ramp-to-dirt in 2005.”

 Capes will attempt the jump on a beast of a bike created by Pro Circuit boss Mitch Payton and the off-road motorcycle wizards at Service Kawasaki. Shoe-horning a Kawasaki 500cc two-stroke engine into a KX250F frame, the bike, which Capes says is so sick that “Mitch Payton won’t let it out of his sight,” will visit the air above the Reno skyline for the first time in its maiden jumping voyage at the Grand Sierra.

 Dubbed the “Destroyer” by Capes, the morphed ’09 special edition Monster Energy/Kawasaki KX250F also features Showa “A-stuff” works suspension, a Pro Circuit motor tune and titanium fasteners, nuts and bolts everywhere, courtesy of Met Tec. “Destroyer will weigh less than 200 pounds – some 40 pounds less than my previous KX450F that I set the world distance record on this past year, 391’-4’’ in Washington,” says Capes.

 Touching down for the first time at such an extreme distance – to plywood vs. dirt – won’t be a problem in the least, Capes assures. “Not only will it be easier because I can control the dimensions much easier than with dirt, wood flexes and, contrary to what people think, will be much easier to land on that dirt,” said Capes, who’s known throughout the jumping industry for his state-of-the-art distance ramp design and construction. “So this will be a historic jump for a number of reasons, And if all goes as planned, it will revolutionize the way distance jumping’s viewed because I plan on going 400 feet ramp-to-ramp as well.”

 Wrapping things up Capes said he once had a talk with his friend Evel Knievel a couple years before the legend passed and Knievel told Capes “Nobody can jump 300 feet ramp-to-ramp.” Added Capes at the time: “I’m gonna, Evel.”

 The ‘All In’ jump at Reno’s Grand Sierra Hotel is presented by Monster Energy and Livfast. For more information on the event visit the Grand Sierra’s website at:

 In addition to Monster Energy, Capes is helped out by the following sponsors: Pro Circuit, Ogio, Von Zipper, Fox, Kicker, Uni Filters, One Industries, BBR, Asterisk, KMC Wheels, Works Connection, Skullcandy, Pit Posse, D.I.D, Maxima Oil, Pro Taper, Dunlop Tires, Acerbis, Hinson Racing Components, Boyesen.

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