Mike Lafferty Race Report Rnd. #5

Mike Lafferty Race Report Rnd. #5

Heavy rains all week once again plagued southern Ohio, contributing to make Rnd. #5 of the Nat. enduro series one of the nastiest Nat. enduro?s in resent history.

Slippery mud and extremely tight, over grown trails couldn?t stop Mike Lafferty from scoring his third win of the season, in dominating fashion on his trusty KTM 450exc.

A 10-mile road ride to the first section would end up being the most fun that the riders had all day, because as soon as they turned into the woods for the start of the first section, jungle like conditions was what most riders described. A 13-mile section with virgin tight woods and established trails took its toll on many riders as Lafferty lead the way, with 9 points.

The next section was 7-miles of flooded creeks and low lands, Lafferty once again was the quickest scoring a 5 along with Jenks.

12 more miles of jungle and hills was next, spreading the competitors out substantially as Lafferty came through with a 10, Hawkins 12 and Jenks 16.

For the only 25 riders still in the event, the final loop consisted of 28-miles of the tightest, muddiest jungle ever. Lafferty busted through the brush the quickest, padding his lead and being one of only twelve riders finishing with in their hour.

Mikes next race: Rnd. #8 of the Gncc series in Petersburg VA on 6/15/03

Mike Lafferty Race Report
Rnd. #5 Nat. Enduro Series
Wellston OH 6/8/03

1) Mike Lafferty     KTM        76
2) Randy Hawkins     YAM        86
3) Robbie Jenks      YAM        94
4) David Lykke       YAM        106
5) Steve Hatch       SUZ        108
6) John Baber        YAM        118
7) Eric McEachern    YAM        137
8) Rich Lafferty     KTM        182
9) James Reed        YAM        196
10) Brad Sells       KTM        208


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