Rnd #1 2003 National Enduro Series
Coalinga CA 2/16/03

As per the last three years Rnd #1 of the 2003 national enduro series would greet the riders with sloppy conditions from heavy rains Sat. night.

The first of three loops proved to be quite a challenge for most riders as many hills became bottle necked with the racers trying to get up the slip rocky inclines. Defending champ Mike Lafferty jumped out to his usual quick start gaining a point on most of his competition by midway through the first loop. But that would be short lived as he along with many other riders ran out of fuel just before the end of the 45-mile loop because of not getting fuel at a non-support crew gas available that the club had not marker very clearly. Lafferty would end up loosing an extra six points for that mistake while Jenks went down an extra 17 and Blackwell was out.

Loop two was fairly easy for most, but Lafferty was able to get one point back on the rest.

Loop three at Coalinga is known for separating the men from the boy?s but today the club took it a little easier on them yet still delivering two solid sections. Lafferty, Hawkins and Pearson were leading the way as Hawk who was having a very solid ride took a wrong turn loosing several minutes before getting back on course. And then problems would strike Lafferty again, running out of fuel again but this time a stuck choke was the cause. Pearson and Hawkins battled to the end with the edge going to Pearson for the win.

Mikes next race: Rnd #2 Nat. Enduro Series, Forest Hill LA, 2/23/03

1) Russ Pearson           YAM           38
2) Randy Hawkins        YAM           39
3) David Lykke               YAM          44
4) Barry Hawk               YAM          56
5) Mike Lafferty             KTM           56
6) Matt Stavish               KAW          64
7) Robbie Jenks            YAM           71
8) Brian Sperle              KAW          71
9) Curt Wilcox               KAW          71
10) Pat Garrahan          KTM           72


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