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JCR’S Tim Weigand grabbed the start. Woods, Dietrich, Soule’ and Brownie are in tow.

KTM’s Mike Brown has been lurking, a man with a racing resume that few doubted would result in a WORCS victory, finally overcame doubters and won Round two of the WORCS series at 395 after a race long battle with his friend and teammate Justin Soule’. It was Brownies first WORCS overall and Justin’s best finish ever. Soule’ has been touted as the man who should win and he finally took his ability to the racetrack for a great second place finish. Justin and Brownie bounced back and forth, before Mike took the win a few seconds ahead of Justin in the two-hour event.

Mike Brown showed excellent speed on the rough 395 circuit.

Brownie, Bonds and Soule’ on Lap 2
    All of the racers benefited from Ricky Dietrich’s mechanical woes, since RD was walking the dog and setting a pace that had everyone dragging their tongues in the spokes. But a radiator hose let loose, forcing a pit stop that put him well back in the pack. He moved back up into sixth, only to have the engine start smoking and stall coming down pit row. RD took quite a while to get going and finished a miserable 24th overall.

Dietrich, lap 2-Walking away

Dietrich, blowing smoke via a slipped radiator hose.
    Team Suzuki’s Nathan Woods started great, moved into the lead on lap one (about an 8-minute lap time) only to get sideswiped by Soule’, Dietrich, Brown and Bonds. But he hung tough, overcame no rear brakes for the last third of the event (and we’re talking zilch since we pushed on the pedal at the conclusion!) and passed a bogging Bonds who was happy just to be racing. He’d injured his thumb badly at last weeks Soboba GP and was racing in a brace. Bondo new he was hurting, yet until the final lap he somehow held onto third place. Both Nathan and JCR’s Tim Weigand got Bonds on the final lap.

Nathan Woods has been the model of consistency with another third, he’s second in the points.
    All in all in was great racing, especially since the turnout was considerable in spite of the Adelanto GP, which was running right down the road. Mike Brown now takes over the points lead, followed closely by Suzuki’s Nathan Woods and Team VMS’s Bobby Bonds.

Justin Soule’ finally showed both great speed and a will to win. He put on a great show!

Corey Floyd, Kawa mounted pushed a bad-pit-stop Jonathan Davis and Ryan Abbatoye to a big win in the Pro 2 Class.


1.) Mike Brown…KTM
2.) Justin Soule’…KTM
3.) Nathan Woods…Suz
4.) Tim Weigand…JCR Hon
5.) Bobby Bonds…VMS Hon
6.) Brenden Ritzman…KTM
7.) Bobby Garrison…VMS Hon
8.) Damon Huffman…Kaw
9.) Josh Strang…Suz
10.) Taylor Robert…Kaw

Pro 2

1.) Corey Floyd…Kaw
2.) Ryan Abbatoye…Kaw
3.) Jonathan Davis…Suz

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