All Access KTM Supermoto racer tried his hand at the world famous hill climb this past weekend and set a new course record!

Pike’s Peak Mountain in Colorado hosted the 2005 Falken Tire International Hill Climb, and Micky Dymond joined the fun and set a new motorcycle course record of 12:12:64. The event will be televised on ESP2 in over 50 countries.

Dymond prepared his All Access KTM Unlimited Supermoto motorcycle for the 12.4 mile course, selecting to use Dunlop rain tires for superior grip in the ever changing conditions that would be presented before him. As the ‘rookie to the mountain’ progressed through the winding turns, continuous mountain climb and changing weather conditions, it was a thrill to make it to the top and set a new record!

Micky said, ‘The dirt sections are really fast. I can compare it to a supermoto track; only with this course you have about 80 percent of dirt and about 20 percent of asphalt. You can get going really fast in the dirt. Depending on how brave you get, fifty to ninety miles per hour was not unusual. You had to concentrate on the track because if you got loose and slid out, you’d drop about 2,000 feet before you hit flat ground.’

The course received rain every night which helped to keep the dust down and packed the track surfaces. Micky added, ‘I knew my KTM was going to do great. My mechanic Glen and I wanted to get down in the 11:50’s. We were off, but we’re coming back next year and we’ll be after that time. We’d also like to see a lot more riders out here next year. If they knew how fun this race was, they’d already be making their reservations.’

Top five results

1.Micky Dymond 12:12:61
2. Jeff Grace 12:18.518
3. Rick Gunby 12:59.924
4. Joel Tarquin 13:06.551
5. Jeff Ahner   13:10.100


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