Meet the Factory Connection team!

This team doesn’t consist of Eli Tomac, Zach Osborne, Wil Hahn or Zach Bell. This team consists of a group of guys that are hard core motorcycle enthusiasts like you!

The sales staff at Factory Connection is made up of several people that are either still racing on a regular basis or spent a good part of their life racing. Some of them were MX’ers, Some of them were Off-Road guys, but all of them still ride today.

Sales Team

I guarantee that you won’t find a more professional or dedicated group of guys in our industry. They are here to take whatever time necessary to answer all of your questions, which will help you make informed decisions about your suspension and the company you believe will provide the best quality, performance and customer service.

I recommend you call around and ask questions before deciding who you trust to work on your suspension. After doing your homework, I am confident that you will have the same confidence in these guys as I do.

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