McGrath looks forward to another day on the job at Qualcomm. Navy Moto X World Championships, April 12-13.

April 3, 2008 – San Diego, CA – Like average Americans everywhere, Jeremy McGrath plans the day around his many business and family obligations. With a wife and two young children to support, many of the ‘To Do’s’ on his list are predictable: ‘Get car washed, p/u dry cleaning, Dentist 10am…’ However, upon closer inspection, some items hint at an other than average schedule: ‘Tuesday – train with Honda motocross team, Wednesday AM – CORR truck suspension test in Nevada desert, Wednesday PM – magazine photoshoot…’

A few of McGrath’s Encinitas, CA neighbors have a general idea about his background but little insight to his current workload or where the 7-time AMA champion ‘King’ of supercross heads off to when he rolls out of his driveway in the early morning hours. To them, Jeremy’s that nice guy down the street with a big house, a pretty wife, a couple of kids, and an always friendly smile. Basically, just an average Joe.

Even after retirement from full-time motorcycle racing, McGrath continues to secure the backing from companies like Monster Energy Drink. He is one of a select few former pros such as Travis Pastrana, who have successfully translated their celebrity into post-retirement fortune. And just like Malcolm Smith before them, who’s fame skyrocketed after appearing in the movie ‘On Any Sunday’ in the early 1970’s, McGrath’s status as a moto hero and icon is stronger than ever. Further proof of his impact on motorcycling came in the form of a bronze statue unveiled during a special AMA Hall of Fame ceremony last year and the crowned heads of American motorcycle racing there to salute him. Average Joe, indeed.

‘I’m not unlike most guys my age just working to pay the bills. But I am lucky to do things for a living that I really love,’ insists McGrath. ‘Working in high-performance environments like supercross and CORR truck racing are dream jobs and being invited to compete in events like X Games and the Navy Moto X World Championships are opportunities I really look forward to. Exposure from this event will eclipse what some guys receive over an entire season racing or freestyle riding. In my opinion, events like this are the future of motorcycle competition because they’re fresh and exciting, and introduce a huge audience to our sport. I definitely hope to become a bigger part of the scene, both as a racer and on the business side, too.’

To the delight of McGrath’s sizable local and international fan base he’s slated to compete in Step-Up competition during the Navy Moto X World Championships. As a former X Games Step Up Gold medalist he’ll be chomping at the bit and raring to go when things get underway April 12th and 13th at San Diego’s Qualcomm Stadium.

Tickets are $10, $20 and $25 with free pit access included in the $20 and $25 tickets. A military discount will be offered – $5 discount from a $25 ticket and $3 discount from a $20 ticket. The Moto X World Championship 24-hour Tailgate is available through as well. The two-day RV parking pass offers picnic tables, power, port-a-johns and a common area.

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