Maxxis MiniMotoSX Notebook


 ANAHEIM, Calif. (May 1, 2009) – Barely having set foot in Vegas, Maxxis MiniMotoSX racer Jason Lawrence is already going to have to answer to the Sheriff.

 Three-time Arenacross champion Josh “The Sheriff” Demuth, all 6’-1”, 190 pounds of  him, is going to take a stab at racing the “Biggest mini bike race in the world.” So look out JLaw – and everyone else looking to run afoul of Demuth’s on-track law!

 “I’ve sat in the stands a couple times and watched this event, always thought to myself ‘Man, that would be a blast to race this,’” said Demuth, winner of two AMA AX titles and the Boo Koo AX title. “So here I am. Not too sure how it’s gonna go, but it’ll for sure be a lot of fun.”

 Demuth got things dialed with MMSX earlier this year at the Baltimore Arenacross. Pitted next to the guys from 2-Up Minis out of Culpepper, Va., the two camps were talking and next thing you know 2-Up’s offering Demuth a 12” Expert bike to ride at the Vegas MMSX.

 As for the racing, you can bet the AX champ and biggest kid on the MMSX playground is not going to back down when it comes to running at the 12” title. “There’s a lot of money on the line, so I’m going to race it like anything else,” said Demuth.

 Nearly a dozen countries will be representing at Maxxis MiniMotoSX, making the event a truly international mini bike racing championship. Leading the European charge, as they so often do in supercross, is France and Europe’s top mini cycle racer, Mike Valade (no relation to Michigan Mafia members Ryan and Randy Valade). Valade made the podium last year at MMSX and is joined by fellow French greats Alex Barbosa and Jimmy Peyras. Another notable international racer is Monster Energy’s Blake “Bilko” Williams, an X Games FMX medalist and longtime mini bike enthusiast.

 Along with more than 600 of our homegrown guys and gals, here’s the other countries that have a number of athletes racing MMSX: Australia (2), Estonia (7), Italy (1), France (10), Belgium (3), Russia (1), England (1), Sweden (1), UK (2) and Canada (1).

 Girl fight! Well, not yet at least. But the women’s class just got a bit more interesting as Monster Energy’s top female racer, Sara Price, has just signed up for MMSX and should start an instant rivalry with women’s MX star Ashley Fiolek (Red Bull). The 16-year-old Price, who just got her AMA pro license to race the WMA series this summer, is no stranger to mini bike racing, having won a number of contests in addition to her stellar MX amateur nationals results on the full size bikes. This will be the first time Price and Fiolek have met in a cash prize mini bike race.

 Said Price: “I’m excited to go to Vegas for the MiniMotoSX and have some fun before getting back to training for the Pro Nationals,” said Price, who races for Monster Energy/Kawasaki/Team Green on the full size bikes. “I’m ready to give the crowd a good race and hoping to get a win.”

 The e-race is back on! Last year MMSX showcased the unbelievable Zero electric motorcycles in action between four U.S. MX journalists (on the electric bikes) and former MX star Sebatien Tortelli. Ryan Dudek ended up winning on a Zero, which prompted involvement this year from the Swiss-based Quantya (electric MX bike) company. So this year there’s two electric MX bike manufacturers that will go head-to-head in what’s believed to be the first factory vs. factory e-race of its kind! “The e-race is back and bigger than ever,” said MMSX’s Eric Peronnard. “The first year (‘07) Jeff Emig won, last year we had a team race and this year we have two different e-bike factories going at it with an MMSX record TEN bikes entered!”

 The annual AMA/Maxxis MiniMotoSX is the largest indoor motorsports competition of its kind. With more than 700 registered riders in 2008 the event literally allows for mini bike enthusiasts to become part of the show. As one racer put it: “At MiniMotoSX you don’t just show up and watch racing in Vegas – you boot up and get on the track yourself to race in front of a packed house at the Orleans.” Featuring numerous classes at all age and ability levels, AMA/Maxxis MiniMotoSX delivers an unforgettable day of racing action for both fans and racers alike, along with an affordable ‘Vegas experience’ given the hotel and ticket package at the Orleans Hotel and Arena, April 30th – May 1st. Registration for the event is open right now on


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