When we tested the 2009 Husky TC450, we loved the motor, but didn’t love the fork so much. We learned that the O.E. Marzocchi dual cartridge fork can be better. You don’t have to revalve it or do anything crazy, it just has to be bled properly. Here’s how to do it.


Ronnie Dilan showed us the secret truths and inner beauty of Marzocchi forks. Don’t let the rubber gloves scare you. He has a license to use them.

The cap has to come off first. It’s easier to loosen the cap while the fork is still in the clamps.

Drain the old fork oil out of the outer compartment. It’s best to measure what comes out. In this chamber, the oil level allows you to alter the air volume; the more oil, the less air, and the less air, the stiffer the fork.

Now loosen the bottom bolt. It will probably take an air gun unless you have the Kung Fu grip of doom. Then you can pull the cartridge out of the fork tubes.

This Race Tech tool will make the job of disassembling the cartridge easier. If you don’t have one, make your own, but leave the Vice Grips in the drawer on the other side of the room.

Now pour the fluid out of he inner chamber. Don’t measure it. The whole point is to fill this chamber to the max and leave no room for air.

Extend the cartridge rod and refill the inner chamber to the very tip top. Let the oil overflow and learn to like it.

Gently move the rod up and down, working air bubbles to the top.

With the rod fully extended, reinsert the cap and seal up the inner cartridge. Go ahead, be messy. Be careful not to damage the O-ring; it can be tricky and you might have to coat it with grease and then poke it in with a tiny screwdriver.
Now compress the rod into the cartridge. Let it sit (vertically) for about 20 seconds, then pull hard and fast until you see dimples form in the bladder (see below).

These dimples in the bladder mean there’s air inside, and your job is to get it out. Now push the rod up until the dimples disappear.

Here’s the real secret to achieving a zen-like state of fork-bleed perfection. Two of these collars can be made from PVC. Insert them over the bladder and push them as high as they can go, right under the fork cap.

With the collars clamped in place, they will prevent you from reintroducing air into the bladder when you open the inner cartridge again.

Now you remove the cap to the cartridge and behold the contents within: air!

Fill that sucker up with oil once more and chant ‘Air begone!’ You might have to repeat this process once more. You’ll know you’re done when the dimples no longer appear in the bladder.

Take the spring out of the lower fork tube and clean it. Now it’s time to put it all back together. Stop before you screw in the outer fork cap (the one you unscrewed back in the first step).

Replace the oil that you dumped from the outer chamber in the beginning. Remember how you measured the amount that came out? Add about 10 percent for the stuff you cleaned off the spring. Then button her up. Now go ride around and be amazed at the improvement!


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