Oh Bobby, what art thou doing?

You might not know who Bobby Bonds is. The California native grew up living and breathing motocross and was at one time hailed as the next big thing to hit the motocross world. Yet Bobby suffered the wrath of supercross and suddenly became injury-prone. Bonds had the speed to run with the big dogs, but his opportunities to race were diminished by injury. Forget about motocross, because Bobby Bonds is back and racing again. Only this time he?s taking another route towards being a champion – the WORCS series route. At round one he finished a disappointing 26th place after his fuel supply vaporized, but he struck back with a vengeance at round two with a win. We caught up with Bonds to hear his thoughts on the WORCS series and find out what he wants to accomplish.

What have you been doing with yourself?
Well, at the Unadilla motocross National I broke my elbow and had to have surgery on that. I didn?t know what I was going to do, whether it is going back to school or ride. I did know that I wasn?t going to ride supercross because I hate supercross with a passion. My style and supercross don?t mix.

And what is your style of riding?
I have an out of control style and it just doesn?t work for supercross.

Well at least you?re honest.
[Laughter] Yeah, I guess.

Why did you make the switch from motocross to off-road racing?
Last year I had done some Big-6 team races with Scott Sheak and I attended a WORCS race and it looked fun to do, so I tried it. For sure I?m going to finish out the WORCS series and if I can get something together I?ll ride the outdoor motocross National series as well.

In the opening round (Mesquite, Nevada) you finished 26th place. What happened on lap 10?
I was actually in third and riding pretty well. But then just after the hour mark I ran out of gas. It was so weird because I?ve never had to worry about running out of gas! That pretty much ruined my first round.

What went through your mind when you ran out of gas?
Well, I sat in the woods for a while, it almost felt like a few hours and I was just cheering everyone else on. Let me tell you, it was awkward to just sit there.

But then you rebounded to finish first place in round two at Bastrop, Texas.
That was an awkward race. Half of the race was in the woods and I?ve never raced in the woods in my life. I didn?t think I was going to win at all. Somehow I won it, though. Everyone was telling me I sat down too much, through the wood section but in the end I just sat down and shifted up a gear. If you look my times were better and better towards the end of the race because I just found my own style.

You stand fifth place in the point standings and only 13 points out of the lead held by Nathan Woods. Can you win the whole deal?
Oh yeah, that?s my goal. I think it?ll be really really difficult to do. I?ve never ridden any of the WORCS tracks but I still think I can win the title.

Compare the pace of the WORCS series to a motocross race.
You?re going really fast in the WORCS series, and the weird thing is that the riders keep the same pace for two hours. They really don?t drop off in speed at all.

What do you have your sights set on doing the remainder of the year, meaning where will the world see Bobby Bonds race next?
Like I said before, I?m going to do the entire WORCS series. I?m also going to hit as many motocross Nationals as I can get to. I don?t know where I want to go yet with my career. At the start of this year I hooked up all of my sponsors by myself and I was really surprised that a lot of them wanted to help me out. It was definitely nice.

Who are your sponsors?
Team Green Kawasaki, Fly Racing, FMF, Maxxis, Universal, GPR Stabilizers, IMF, and Goat Eyewear,

Have you heard about any contract negotiations for your services in the Nationals, and what are your goals?
I?m not too sure. Really right now I?m just focusing on the WORCS series, but if I do hit the Nationals I expect nothing short of top 15 finishes in the 250 class. You won?t be seeing me on a 125 because I weigh too much for the 125.

All right, Bobby. Thank you for the interview and good luck cutting your teeth in the WORCS series.
No problem, thanks for the call.


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