MAR 10-Mike Lafferty Race Report Alligator Enduro

MAR 10-Mike Lafferty Race Report Alligator Enduro

Finally some warm and sunny weather moved in to central Florida for the 53rd running of the Alligator Enduro, but the damage had been done by many days of rain in the prior week making the course very wet.

The first loop was shortened for the 400+ riders due to the high water levels so most every one came through on time.

The second loop consisted of many tight flooded trails that started to spread the riders out. KTM’s Mike Lafferty would lead the way, getting to the gas stop with 8 points lost followed by Hawk and Raines with 9’s.

Heading out on the third loop trails proved to be much dryer and more open keeping the top rider very close, as Lafferty, Hawk and Pearson carded fours while Raines and Hawkins came through with fives. At the final check of the day most all of the rider would score a zero, except for Hawk that clocked in early adding another two points to his score.

Mikes next race: Rnd. #2 Gncc series in Washington GA 3/9/03

1) Mike Lafferty        KTM                 12
2) Jason Raines          YAM                 14
3) Barry Hawk            YAM                 15
4) Stephen Reed          SUZ                 17
5) Randy Hawkins        YAM                 17
6) Russ Pearson          YAM                 17
7) Brad Hodge            SUZ                 18
8) Jason Chancey        KTM                 18
9) Allen Gravitt        KTM                 18
10) Tommy Veator        KTM                 18


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