Malcolm Smith’s Dealership in Riverside, California sold two motorcycles and an ATV on Thursday, but didn’t make a good margin. In fact, the sales could cost him thousands. But that was the point. He sold ‘banned’ kids vehicles as a protest over the current ruling that prevents such sales. Last year, congress passed a law aimed at eliminating lead content in children’s toys, and then handed the law down for the Consumer Product Safety Commission to enforce. The law was so poorly written that the CPSC felt it had no choice but to ban the sale of any item containing lead, if it was marketed to children under the age of 12. All motorcycles contain lead in minute quantities, so Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Can-Am and KTM all notified dealers to stop selling minis.

      Malcolm Smith felt the ban was ridiculous because lead content in motorcycles and ATVs has never been shown to harm anyone. Troy Lee, Jeff Ward and Bud Feldkamp all agreed. So they conspired to hold a very public event defying the law. Bud purchased a Can-Am DS70 for his grandson while Troy and Jeff purchased KTM 65SXs for their kids. And they did it all in front of cameras for local radio and newspapers. Supermouth Larry Huffman was on hand to M.C. in front of a very large crowd.
      ‘Some people think you’re crazy, Malcolm. Why are you doing this?’ asked Huffman.
      ‘Crazy,’ said Malcolm, flashing his famous smile.
      Scot Harden showed up wearing a ‘Free Malcolm’ T-shirt. As of that evening, no one had showed up to take Malcolm to jail.
      The dealership said it has no problem taking refundable deposits on minis. In fact, Malcolm will sell any of the banned vehicles at his cost, just postponing delivery until after the ban has been rescinded. ‘I think it will be rescinded in time,’ said Malcolm. ‘It’s ridiculous.’
      To add your voice to those opposing the ban, contact your congressman or call MS Motorsports at (951) 687-1300. You can also visit or

Malcolm and a few young friends.

Troy Lee signs the paperwork that could cost Malcolm Smith Motorsports thousands in fines.

Bud Feldkamp, the man who runs Glen Helen Raceway, purchased a Can-Am DS70 for his grandson Luke.

Jeff Ward buys a KTM 65SX for his son Brandon.

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