LS2 MX453, Adventure Motorcycle Helmet


PRODUCT: LS2’s entry into the adventure helmet market is their MX453 motorcycle helmet. It’s based on an MX-style shell, which offers more room in the chin area to allow greater airflow when working hard on your off-road adventures. The helmet is constructed using a lightweight fiberglass shell, multi-density EPS and a moisture-wicking technical fabric liner. The technical fabric liner can be easily removed for washing. The cheek pads are cut from one solid piece of foam and are easily removed using the emergency release. The flip-up face shield provides protection from the elements, and the large eyeport will accommodate a pair of goggles without removing the shield. There are two top vents and one large vent in the chin bar with adjustable closers that allow the rider to decide how much airflow they want. The MX-style peak is designed to allow air to flow through it without creating excessive helmet lift at higher speeds while still providing protection from the sun and branches.


l2speOUR TAKE: If you’re looking for a quality helmet at a budget price, the MX453 may be the helmet you’re looking for. The weight is on par with the most expensive helmets in this category while being lighter than most in its price range. With the flip-up face shield, multiple air vents and no-lift visor, all of the requirements are met for an adventure helmet. Being able to wear goggles without removing the face shield is a bonus, since there are times that the shield allows too much dust in the eyes. The styling is modern without being too edgy or boring. We like the Hi-Vis Yellow because it really stands out on the road. The helmet is fairly comfortable, and the ventilation is noticeable when open. With the face shield down, the helmet is considerably quieter than wearing an MX helmet with goggles. When speeds are lower and dust isn’t an issue, riding with sunglasses with the shield up really offers a blast of fresh air. It’s certified by DOT and ECE.

GROANS: Doing a direct fit comparison with the Shoei Hornet adventure helmet, the MX453 misses on a couple points. The Shoei seems to have a little better fit overall, and the vents seem to flow a little more air. The MX453 is also a little louder with more wind noise around the face shield. The ear pockets inside the helmet aren’t deep enough to fit our UClear helmet-to-helmet communication system without cutting out some of the liner.

BOTTOM LINE: This helmet is definitely worth considering if you’re in the market for a new adventure helmet. None of the issues we found when comparing the MX453 to the Hornet are egregious enough to stop us from happily wearing it. It offers all the features that the most expensive helmets have at one-third the price.

PRICE: $169.95


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