The Rally Dakar 2014 Champion and current Champion of the Cross Country Rallies World Championship, Marc Coma, joins the LS2 Helmets riders team.

LS2 Helmets, the fastest growing helmet brand in the world, welcomes to their LS2 Rally Team the 4 times Rally Dakar Champion and 6 times Cross Country Rallies World Champion, Marc Coma.

As part of their strategy LS2 Helmets keeps on adding riders to their LS2 Rally Team, the biggest team that ever participated in Dakar history. For Dakar 2014 edition LS2 had almost 100 riders from 25 different countries of the world.

“For me it’s an honor to be associated with the helmet brand with more projections worldwide, and be the captain of the LS2 Rally Team that will participate in Dakar 2015”, commented Coma.

Maximo Sanguinetti, Global Marketing Director for LS2 Helmets said, “Having Marc Coma in our team is another dream come true. Our objective is to be the number one helmet brand in the world and to partner with a #1 like Marc helps us to achieve it ̈.

The Catalan rider will race the world’s most extreme race with a helmet specially designed to fulfill the highest demands of Dakar. The sucessful LS2 MX456 has been completely designed with the latest technology.

An exclusive exterior design of last generation and an interior made of fibers developed with nanotechnology. Originally manufactured for NASA, the Outlast fibers on the inside are capable to absorb, keep and repel the excess of heat. This way, they can regulate the skin’s temperature, keeping the rider always in his ideal temperature.


LS2 Helmets is the fastest growing helmet brand in the world, present in over 90 countries that offer its products in the whole world. The brand has centered its quick growth in the quality of its products, great designs and very competitive market prices.

With its headquarters settled in Barcelona, Spain, the prestigious helmet brand offers the world a broad variety of exclusive products and unique security features. The entire LS2 line includes open face, full face, modular and off roads helmets. All the products have obtained all the international security certifications including the ECE.22.05 norm, given by the Economic European Community. (For more information visit


The rider Marc Coma was born on the 7th of October 1974 in Aviá, Barcelona, Spain. Over the years, he has become one of the best rally riders in the world. Among the tittles obtained during his career, we can mention:

  •   Rally Dakar: Champion 2014, 2011, 2009 and 2006.
  •   Cross Country Rallies World Championship: Champion in 2014, 2012, 2010,

    2007, 2006 y 2005

  •   Rally Dos Sertões Champion in 2014 y 2010

    (For more information visit:

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