Glen Helen’s 24-Hour event is most definitely the premiere off-road endurance race in the states. This year was the 13th running of the event and while things were hot early on with an all-out duke fest between Team JCR Honda and Team Precision Concepts Kawasaki, things got ugly well into the last third of the race when Robby Bell’s KX450F imploded leaving the Honda team with a gigantic (one hour plus) lead on second place.

First Overall

JCR Honda

Colton Udall, Timmy Weigand, Ryan Dudek and Mark Samuels took over first on the third lap eventually taking the win (68 laps).


Robby Bell was the inspiration behind the Precision Concepts team and propelled them into the lead (for the first three laps).

It’s really incredible that these athletes could put together lap times on the 9.5 mile circuit that vary little from day to night and while the core of the event comes in the amateur support teams, all got to witness top riders mounted on high end equipment and the speed that they could maneuver on the very eclectic course. Nearly three miles of tough single track proved a challenge during the day and was brutal at night. Combine that with the regular Glen Helen National Track, the REM track, the Lucas Oil truck track and every single rider got a work out via the broad appetite of the terrain they were forced to encounter. Heavy rainstorms early in the week made for ideal conditions for the 40 Teams who challenged Mother Nature, the night riding and a full 24-hours of abuse.



Second Pro #93

Tyler Duncan Eric Smith, AJ Madrid, Ryan Marshall. McDuff Daniels ended up as the 2nd pro team finishing 51 laps on Glen Helen’s 24-hour course.



Second Overall went to the #295 bike registered in the Business Class ridden by  Bill Smith, Bryon Ward, Derick Butler, Travis Paper, Robert Brag and Agua Dulce’s mad marauder Dan Dawson. They compiled an astonishing 58-laps.


The 40 expert went to the #125 team of Craig Hunter,  Brent Farrell, Phil Holomb, Robert Baehr, Steve Ogren, Eric Wolfe who tallied 57 laps in taking the 40-Expert class.

The Pro Team of Borkenhagen, Robbie Goolsby, Bobby Garrison and Justin Jones (pictured) had immediate issues with oil leaks on their KX450F. While staying on the lead lap they eventually threw in the towel when the machine lost its battle for life on the 44th lap.

Dirt Bike’s Ron Lawson laid out the tough 9.5 mile circuit (along with his buddy Gary Jones) and then the duo rode on a 50 team finishing second after suffering with lighting issues the entire time the sun was down.

Here’s G. Jones pounding the enduro-cross section.

4 AM, one lone wolf ready to ride, one piloting the all important pit support.

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