The 4-day Red Bull Romaniacs had a nasty storm pelt the already tough terrain and turned day one into a survival run for the best hard enduro riders in the world. Mani Lettenbichler dominated day one and stretched a big lead over his rivals. When  the rains came  it looked like organizers might call the day, or at least cut some of the course short in horrendous weather. But in true Romaniacs style it was a case of put up and shut up.

Manuel Lettenbichler dominated the wicked storm and brutal conditions on day one, and takes a huge lead after a strong day two into the third Romaniacs day. Photo: Future 7 Media / Red Bull Content Pool


Lettenbichler was the first and fastest rider home, though his ride was anything but uneventful.  He was followed by KTM teammate Trystan Hart who lost 20 minutes in the bad weather to Mani in the closing stages. Billy Bolt, after seven weeks off the bike tallied third on day one, over 30-minutes behind Lettenbichler.

Trystan Hart sits in second, but lost 15 minutes to Billy Bolt which tightens up the battle for second! Photo: Future 7 Media / Red Bull Content Pool


Day two’s drier conditions were good for Billy Bolt, who finished third on the day and is third overall. Photo: Future 7 Media / Red Bull Content Pool


Day two was far less dramatic, with Teo Kabakchiev winning the day, two minutes up on Letti, who leads the event by 37-minutes over Trystan Hart. Teo had a rough first day, finishing an hour and twelve minutes behind the Red Bull KTM rider. Following Lettenbichler was Billy Bolt, Trystan Hart and GasGas rider Michael Walkner.

Theodor Kabakchiev had a tough first day and rebounded on day two. Photo:  Future 7 Media / Red Bull Content Pool


Wade Young (Sherco): “It was a fun day. After yesterday’s slog, it was a nicer day. There were plenty of hard sections, but at least it was drier today and a chance to enjoy the mountains.”Photo:  Attila Szabo / Red Bull Content Pool


Graham Jarvis sits seventh overall, but a whopping hour and forty nine minutes behind the leader. Photo: Attila Szabo / Red Bull Content Pool


Sherco’s Mario Roman struggled on day ones miserable conditions yet sits in the top ten (eighth overall). Photo: Attila Szabo / Red Bull Content Pool



Day one- Nasty!


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