PRODUCT: The Leatt 2.5 chest protector is a youth chest protector specifically designed for fledgling riders. It features an ergonomically designed buckle, as well as adjustable waist straps. It provides full front and back protection (CE tested and certified as roost protection) and is readily adaptable to the Leatt neck brace.

POSITIVES: The adjustability covers a good range, as our testers were a tall 9-year-old and a shorter 7-year-old. The lightweight mesh under-layer had both riders forgetting that they had a chest protector on. The hard-shell protectors, both front and rear, offer good coverage, and the adjustment process is easy via the quick-adjust straps at the shoulder and waist zones.

NEGATIVES: The price seems a bit steep, especially considering that there is no shoulder protection.

BOTTOM LINE: This product is a good blend of form and function. Both test riders definitely tested its merits with numerous crashes and came through unscathed.

PRICE: $69.99

CONTACT: www.leatt.com


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