PRODUCT: The Leatt Moto 4.5 Windblock jersey was developed to keep you warm on those cold days without restricting your movement with anything too heavy or bulky. WarmYarn, a water-resistant coating with an internal 3D mesh for thermal regulation made from coffee grounds, is used for the chest, arms and sides. On the back, Leatt uses IceYarn, which comes from the same resource—coffee grounds—but is a breathable fabric to help control your temperature by wicking moisture. The jersey is double-stitched, has Brush Guard fabric protection on the elbows and shoulders, and laser-cut perforations in the armpits for breathability.

OUR TAKE: We’re always in search for garments that cut the wind and chill factor when the temp dips, but a jacket is too bulky, and if the going gets nasty, it gets too hot. Fitment with the Leatt Windblock is spot-on and the fabric is comfortable and soft. You feel its ability to block the wind when compared to a standard jersey. The jersey itself is comfortable down into the 40-degree range. Too, in the light rain you can see the water bead off the fabric. We’ve been having an extremely cold winter in Southern California this season, so this jersey has gotten a workout. The Leatt 4.5 Windblock jersey pairs nicely with a vest, for additional core protection and has held up well. A few of the laminated decals have started to peel after numerous washes, and the sleeves have been abused by branch whacking on the trail. After a full season of trail and weather violence, the Leatt 4.5 Windblock is a full winner for the trail rider, and everyone should have one in their gear bag!

PRICE: $79.99

CONTACT: https://leatt.com/

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