PRODUCT: The Leatt 7.5 V21 features an injected polymer shell with brain-injury-reduction technology. Large ventilation channels are equipped to keep your head cool in slow-speed conditions. There are four densities of foam to reduce impact to the head and the brain. The visor features a breakaway function to reduce forces to the neck and head. The X-static liner is removable and washable, featuring a moisture-wicking, anti-odor fabric. There is an emergency cheek-pad removal system and a hydration side port for an optional hands-free kit. The 360-degree turbine technology reduces peak brain acceleration by 30 percent at impact speeds associated with concussion. This also reduces peak brain rotational acceleration by up to 40 percent. The helmet weighs in at 2.76 pounds and is DOT- and ECE-certified. Also included are the Velocity 4.5 goggles with the helmet. This is Leatt’s medium price-point helmet and sell for $259.99.

Our take: We have enjoyed wearing the Leatt 7.5 V21 in both motocross and off-road riding for several reasons, with the biggest one being the light weight. The 7.5 feels feathery, which makes a big difference on a long day of riding. The lighter weight puts less stress on your neck and offers your head to have more mobility to move around. Another great trait is the good ventilation on the 7.5 V21. You notice this when you get into a fast section of trail, and you can feel the added air flow cooling your head. The foam liner is ultra-soft and offers super-comfortable padding. The removable quick-release visor is nice and features a visor extender for blocking the sun. We like that the helmet comes with the Velocity 4.5 goggles with the purchase, too. Although we didn’t have any crashes with the helmet, thank goodness, we feel extremely comfortable knowing that Leatt has put the science and technology into studying the safety involved with head and brain impacts.
Price: $259.99
Contact: www.leatt.com

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