PRODUCT: In today’s world of upper-body protection, the new Leatt 5.5 Pro HD is like killing a tick with a Hellfire missile. It puts the gnarly back into chest protectors using a high-density polyethylene outer shell and Leatt’s 3DF air-fit impact foam throughout the device. It is a multi-layer, articulating design that has 48 vents for airflow. Naturally it has the Brace On neck-brace-fitting system with the new flip front and rear function that allows both over- and under-the-shirt fitment Leatt braces.
POSITIVE: The 5.5 HD is burly. Not only does it have articulating shoulder cups, bicep protectors and side armor, the inside of the unit is lined with Leatt’s impact foam that aids in the protection and comfort. The side protection overlaps with the front and back plates creating an integrating, multi-layer protection area over an area usually left unguarded. The system is beefy yet very adjustable, and for neck-brace wearers the pocket fitment design is first-rate.
NEGATIVE: The 5.5 HD is heavy and burdensome for riders not used to donning a protective device that targets more than roost abuse.
BOTTOM LINE: This chest protector is designed for riders who demand the ultimate in protection and are willing to sacrifice a little comfort for peace of mind. Our veteran testers, especially those who have suffered through rib and shoulder injuries, praised the Leatt in every way. Younger moto guys thought it was overkill multiplied by 10. Like all things, the taste test varies depending on your experience, your needs and your comfort level. For $219, it is big-time tough.
CONTACT: www.leatt-brace.com

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